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From: "Lumba Lumba Reservations" <>
Date: 27 April 2015 19.01.16 WIB
To: "'Natalia Pinesti'" <>
Cc: "'Lumba Lumba Diving & Living'" <>
Subject: RE: <Natalia> Reservation 2 rooms: c/i. Friday 15th - c/o. Sunday 17th May 2015

RE: <Natalia> Reservation - 15 to 17 Mei 2015

Hi Natalia,


Here's to confirm that we have reserved 2 Living rooms Cottage for you for the period check in Friday 15th till check out Sunday 17th of May. Please note that the rooms don't have AC and no TV.


May we know how many people will be coming?


The room price is 31.50 Euro per room per night, for 2 pax  per room. It is possible to do triple share in the rooms, which make maximum 6 people in this 2 rooms. Price for 1 extra bed is 8 Euro per night.


To confirm the reservation into a booking in this period, we prefer to have 50% deposit of the rooms. We have account at Mandiri, BII, BCA and CIMB. Please let us know which bank is best for you to make the deposit, so we can send you the details.






From: Natalia Pinesti []
Sent: 27 April 2015 11:13
To: Lumba Lumba Reservations
Cc: Lumba Lumba Diving & Living
Subject: Re: <Natalia> Reservation - 15 to 17 Mei 2015



actually we're not divers.

But we are interest to book the room in here, is it possible?


We plan to stay at one complete cottage with 2 separated rooms and had veranda in it.


How much is the rate for the complete cottage for 2 nights (May 15, 2015 until May 17, 2015)?




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On 27 Apr 2015, at 09.03, Lumba Lumba Reservations <> wrote:

Hi Natalia,

Terima kasih atas emailnya, mohon maaf terlambat dibalas karena emailnya masuk ke junkmail.

Boleh saya tahu apa anda diving? Kami ingin sedikit menjelaskan, bahwa tempat kami bukan hotel atau resort biasa, melainkan diving centre yang menyediakan akomodasi untuk tamu yang diving dengan kami. Kamar yang kami miliki sangat terbatas dan tidak ada fasilitas AC.

Berikut informasi lebih lengkap mengenai diving, akomodasi dan tempat kami. Saya harap anda tidak keberatan jika kami balas dalam bahasa Inggris, jika ada yang kurang jelas silahkan di tanyakan.

About the diving:  Our daily diving for certified divers is very flexible; each dive is a separate boat trip, coming back to the beach for relaxed surface intervals. On our dive planning-board you can see where we plan to go, and you can join the dives you like in terms of timing and/or dive location.

We usually plan 2, sometimes 3 boat dives a day. Following the local fisherman tradition, there is no diving possible from Thursday night 19:00 till Friday afternoon 14:00. So our first dive on Fridays is just after 14:00 but then we still have a second dive later in the afternoon.

We always make small groups with their own experienced guides, to cater for the differences in the divers experiences and interests!

On top of the scheduled boat dives, you can always add some dawn, noon, late afternoon or night dives on the house reef.  Easy going and great for nightdives! A must for UW photographers.

Below the signature we've attached more info about the diving in general and our rates.  

We are an official PADI Resort offering a full range of courses and specialties. And we installed Nitrox facilities, so now we also offer diving with Enriched Air and Nitrox courses.

For beginner to try out diving, we offer the introduction dive, the Discover Scuba Diving, which consists of a half day program. After a short theory session, in which the necessary basics of diving will be explained, one of our PADI instructors will take you first into the shallow water to practice some skills and then guides you on your first real dive!! It's a safe way to experience the wonderful underwater world and to catch the unique feeling of scuba diving. The price is 45 Euro. If you like it (and that's the dangerous thing about trying it ;-) and want to continue with the course, this introduction is for free and the dive counts as the first dive in the PADI Open Water Diver Course.


If you already know you want to learn diving, you can start with the PADI Open Water Diver course straight away. This course we normally do in three to four days making sure we've got enough time for everything, to give you the most solid base for all your future dives. The course consists of theory sessions, confined water training and open waterdives.


The price of the course is 299 Euro, which includes the PADI Open Water Diver manual and dive table, the use of all diving equipment needed, boat use, a Lumba Lumba logbook, instructor fees and PADI certification costs. We offer 19 Euro discount for Indonesian citizen.

We are an official PADI Dive Resort, and we have a good team of experienced instructors, so enough capacity to start the course when you arrive.

Accommodation-wise: we offer the option of a stylish Living Room (cottage) @ 31.50 Euro, a budget Living Colours room with private bathroom @ 19.50 Euro or a Living Colours room @ 13.50 Euro with shared facilities, for 1 or 2 persons/per night, hotel tax included.  

At the moment we still have space available for the period you requested from check in Friday 15th till check out Sunday 17th of May 2015.

We need to explain; we are not the usual hotel or resort, but primarily a diving centre. As a facility for our diving guests, we have built our own cottages. We only have a limited number of rooms with fan (no aircon) and usually we do bookings beforehand for divers and their (non-diving) partners. We accept walk-in non-divers if we have vacancies at that moment. Even though we have a well-equipped, high standard diving centre, we don't have the facilities as other resorts, like a restaurant or spa.

The comfortable Lumba Lumba Living Room cottages are spread out in the atmospheric garden behind and next to the dive centre. The large garden is directly bordering the beach and has lots of nature/wildlife- butterflies, fresh water turtles, kingfishers and more.

The diver-friendly Living Room units are very spaciously set up with warm wood and clean ceramic, with a living area, choice of a King bed or Twin beds, a wall fan, a desk, an en-suite bathroom with western toilet & hot shower (some with bath) and a small kitchen area with a water kettle, a fridge, cups & plates and a large wooden veranda with a bench and a hammock. Mosquito nets can be put up on request.

It is very popular for families/friends to reserve 1 complete cottage and have the 2 units connected with a large open veranda, so you can all sit together outside, but still have separate bed and bathrooms. The rooms is very spacious, so it is possible to add an extra bed or mattress for triple share. It is 8 Euro per night for extra bed and 5 Euro for extra mattress.

The cozy Living Colours Rooms are in a longhouse a bit higher up the hill overlooking our garden and the beach. The colourful rooms have 2 twin box spring beds, a mosquito net, a wall fan, a cupboard, 2 chairs and a table and a private balcony with hammock.

Pictures on or in the  Album Living on Facebook

The rooms don't have AC, but are quite cool with the good fan above your bed and the nice seabreeze we have here. All rooms have free wireless internet access and plenty of electricity sockets to charge batteries. Free wireless internet in the rooms and for electricity black-outs, we have a silent back-up generator.

For cheaper basic bungalows or rooms (Rp 70-200.000 ~4.50-13 Euro) you can have a look around, for example at Dang Dang Na next to the divecentre or the newer bungalow-rooms at Bringeen guesthouse in the middle or the cheap bungalows of Zero Café or Mama Jungle at the end of the beach. They don't do reservations, with them it is just come and see what is available.

Our dive centre is nicely set up for divers, and people usually feel very at home. Next to the area for all diving equipment, there is plenty of space to sit, socialize, read, browse through our fish books, internet (free for our divers) or just hang in a hammock to stare over the ocean.

In our diving & living packages food is not included, as we don't have a restaurant. Diving has always remained our main focus, that's why we got "stranded" here in the first place!

Gapang Beach is a middle sized beach, with white sand halfway around the bay. It's got a special atmosphere, because partly the beach is surrounded by large overhanging trees; the 'Gapang' trees. You can lie on the beach in the sun or sit in the shade of these old grand trees.

The small community of Gapang consist of a few Indonesian families with their restaurants and a souvenir shop right on the beach path.


This offers flexible food options with 2 restaurants on either side of the diveshop and a few more spread out along the beach path. For lunch take-away you can also try the popular local food-stall with cheap, very tasty authentic food just up the road junction. And the famous mama Donut walks the beach to sell her sweet and savoury treats from her blue basket.

Read more about the restaurants here below.

To get an idea of how to get here, check flight and ferry schedules, have a look at

FYI, Garuda airlines started a new route from Medan to Sabang (Pulau Weh) on 3 days a week: Sunday, Wednesday and Friday, leaving from Medan at 08:50 and  arrive on the island at 10:10 AM already and with a short taxi ride arrive on Gapang Beach!

It saves so much time that you don't have to get the taxi from Banda Aceh airport, to the ferry port, wait till the ferry leaves, the ferry ride… and arriving at the beach at 6 PM.

From Jakarta you can take the very early morning flight of Garuda at 5:35 AM, Medan in transit and fly to Sabang on Pulau Weh island.

Have a look at the extra info below, hopefully it will get you even more in the mood. Please send another mail if you have other questions, thoughts, remarks and/or to reserve a comfortable Living Room or cozy Living Colours Room with the dive course or a flexible dive package.

Greetings from Gapang Beach,

MARJAN / HENNY @ Lumba Lumba Reservations




Gapang Beach, Pulau Weh

23518  Sabang,  Aceh,  Indonesia

Tel/SMS (diveshop):  + 62 811 682787






LUMBA LUMBA LIVING: Our beachfront resort has seven comfortable (duplex) cottages offering 11 stylish units of 41.60 sq meter each to rent out. They are situated behind and next to the divecentre, spread out in an atmospheric garden directly bordering the beach. The diver-friendly rooms are very spaciously set up in warm wood and clean ceramic with a living area, good springbeds (choice of Twin (2 single) beds or 1 King (1 double) size bed), mosquito nets available on request, a desk/table, a good wall fan, a spacious, clean bathroom with western toilet, hot shower plus an indonesian style mandi (convenient for testing camera housings ;-). Further a small kitchen area with a water kettle, a fridge, cups, plates & cutlery and rinsing basin, a large wooden veranda with sliding doors, facing the sea/beach with a bench and a hammock. There are plenty of electricity sockets to charge yourl torches, camera's and all other mobile devices.

The prices for our divers (King or Twin beds) are 31.50 Euro per room per night. (Hotel tax included)

For families/friends we can reserve 1 complete cottage and the 2 units can be connected by opening the wooden partition between the veranda's, so you can all sit together outside, but still have separate bed and bathrooms.
The units are very spacious, therefore it is also easy to add an extra springbed @ 8 Euro to triple share or for kids to add maximum 2 mattresses @ 5 Euro each.

We also offer budget accommodation LUMBA LUMBA LIVING COLOURS:

The Living Colours Rooms are in a longhouse higher up the hill in the back of our land. The colourful rooms have 2 twin springbeds, a mosquito net, a wallfan, a cupboard, 2 chairs and a table, and a private balcony with a hammock. There are 4 rooms with shared toilet and shower facilities and 2 rooms with attached bathrooms.

Price: 13.50 Euro (shared bathroom) and 19.50 Euro (private bathroom) per room per night (1 or 2 people), 10% tax included.

There is a shared shower and separate a shared toilet. A second toilet is downstairs. Behind the diveshop there are also 2 showers and 2 toilets.  

Free wireless internet in the rooms, a big silent back-up electricity generator, new sun lounge area. More facilities coming up.

Pictures on and picture updates in the albums on the new Facebook page


THE DIVING, in general:

Most of our 15 - 20 main dive sites here on Pulau Weh are just a 5 to max 30 min boatdrive away with our fast boat. Usually we operate each dive as a separate boat trip, spending surface intervals relaxed back on the beach, allowing for maximum flexibility in programming dives according to everyone's wishes. So our logistics are really easy going. We standard make two boat dives during the day. Because most of our dive sites are best to start at some depth (20 - 30 m), and then followed by a long multi level profile, and currents are often around at the top sites, each dive already offers loads to see, but they're also a bit more demanding than shorter and shallower dives as in many other places. Of course we adjust our location, timing and buddy groups according to the certification and experience level of our different diving guests. As stated, all boat dives are usually multilevel dives, prolonging bottom time safely up to a maximum of around an hour (dive profile and air supply permitting, - bigger tanks available as well. During specially arranged multiple-tank (exploratory) daytrips to more far away dive sites like for example Meuduro in the south of Pulau Weh, we provide a packed lunch on the boat, another beach, or a lunch in a restaurant, depending on the destination (weather and number of participants allowing).

To give an impression of the diving: the landscapes on all sites are magnificent and different from each other. Average visibility is 20+ meter, with often enough peaks to well over 30, especially deeper down. As for the "standard" marine life, you'll find that the variety and numbers are quite stunning. On ONE average dive, you can easily log a dozen of morays (of maybe even five or more different species, including honeycomb morays and blue ribbon eels), loads of lionfish, beautiful sea fans, trevallies, neon rivers of fusiliers and a couple of stingrays and maybe an octopus or two. And depending on the location, time and current, it's quite likely to add tuna, barracuda, sharks (white tip, black tip and occasionally a grey reef or thresher shark), Napoleon wrasse, bump head parrotfish, big groupers, giant reef ray or, quite frequently here, devil or eagle rays to your list! The most colourful nudibranches, ghost pipe fishes, symbiotic shrimps and squat lobsters can be spotted when going 'macro'.


Turtles we have too, most of them the smaller Hawksbill, of which two are resident on our beach. Just SNORKEL with the turtles directly of the beach, in only a couple of meters deep water. Especially the house reef dives are perfect for long explorations of all the interesting close-up/macro stuff we have.



Individual package prices for our boat dives, including tank, weights, boat and guide, are as follows:


 1 boat dive :   26 Euro

 2 boat dives:   47 Euro

 5 boat dives:  105 Euro

10 boat dives: 195 Euro

FULL RENTAL EQUIPMENT; Aqualung regulator with gauges, BCD, SMB, wetsuit. mask, fins/boots.

 1 boat dives rental equipment:  31 Euro

 2 boat dives rental equipment:  57 Euro

 5 boat dives rental equipment:  125 Euro

10 boat dives rental equipment: 230 Euro

***** Divers with a professional instructor level and when bringing own (full) equipment, can expect additional discounts for the boat dives.

House Reef Menu:

Dives without a guide, including full rental equipment: 12 Euro. When you use your own equipment, a tank plus weights is only 7 Euro.

Guided dives, including full rental equipment: 17 Euro. Own equipment: 12 Euro.

Additional costs for dawn or night dives.

Torch rental 4 Euro.

For rental equipment we only use the top-model Aqualung Regulators, guaranteeing enough air also on greater depths and in currents (-of course we adjust our depths and locations according to the training level and experience of our guests). We offer a wide range of masks, including masks with prescription lenses, full foot and open heel fins, new wetsuits, shorties and long body.

We have rental Suunto & Mares dive computers for customers available.


We have a guaranteed clean air station, using a Bauer Verticus Compressors, equipped with fully automatic Securus filter monitoring. Our new Nitrox filling station is separate.


* Notes:


- Tank fillings for housereef dives are billed separately, so do not count as a boat dive for package prices.

- Dawn dives by boat additional 3 Euro.

- Night dives by boat additional 10 Euro (with a minimum of 4 divers).

- For experienced (deep) divers we can organize special 2-tank daytrips and spectacular wreck dives. For the special daytrips we charge 12 -15 Euro more. The Sophie Rickmers Special consists of a Deep Preparation Dive @ 5 euro surcharge and the Decompression Dive to the wreck itself has a 12 Euro surcharge. 

-Tec Diving on the wreck has different rates!

- Nitrox fillings or certified Nitrox divers: 4 Euro (Note: not all divesites are suitable for Nitrox diving)

- Prices are subject to change without prior notice




Here more about the MONEY MATTERS:


Lumba Lumba Living and dives can be paid in cash Euro, Rupiah or other major currencies (only new series good looking Dollar bills are accepted in the local banks) by bank transfer to either the Rupiah account in Indonesia, or the Dutch account in Euro, the Malaysian account in Ringgit, the Singapore account in SIN Dollar or the Australian account in Aus Dollars or in Rupiah by VISA and MasterCard (with a 2.5 % surcharge).


We base the Rupiah/Euro exchange rates on the day of payment on the (0%) interbank rates we find on WWW.OANDA.COM (Universal Money Converter).

Today's rate is: Rp 14,089 / 1 EURO

For the Dollar/Euro or other currency exchange rates we look at the Typical Bank Cash rate (4%) on


To pay for food and for other accommodation than Lumba Lumba Living on Gapang Beach, you need cash Indonesian Rupiah.


To bring cash Rupiah it is easiest to take money with a bankcard with pincode (and usually cheaper than Credit Card).

You can find ATM's on Banda Aceh's airport, in Banda Aceh city centre and in the ferry port.

Usually you can withdraw up to 5 million Rp per day, if you leave your card in for multiple transactions. Look for an ATM machine, which dispenses Rp 100.000 bills to be able to get a larger maximum amount per transaction.


On Pulau Weh, there are ATM machines in Iboih village, a 7 minutes and Sabang town, a 30 minute drive away from Gapang Beach. Bank Mandiri accepts bankcards and creditcards connected to VISA & MasterCard and Maestro.


We have a safe in the dive shop where you can deposit your important papers like tickets, passports, wallet.






On Gapang Beach there are around 5 restaurants to choose from. There's choice from local Acehnese food, more general Indonesian dishes, tropical fruit salads and some basic Western food such as pancakes, sandwiches, French fries and Kentucky fried chicken for example. Also it's possible to order other special meals beforehand, such as BBQ Fish. Cheap and tasty original Acehnese "family food" is available in the warung on the road junction and at Mama Jungle's local family restaurant on the beach.

There is also a local foodstall serving noodles and noodle-bakso soup at the entrance to the beach.


All meals, tea, coffee and soft drinks on one day, on average, will cost most people 10-15 € in total. For example, a Pancake, a big plate of fruit salad or an egg-cheese sandwich all costs around Rp 15.000. A can of Coca Cola is Rp 10.000, a Fresh fruit drink Rp 15.000, a 1 ½ l mineral water Rp 9.000. In the warung, the local rice, vegetable, fish or chicken curry lunch or dinner costs between Rp 15.000 and Rp. 20.000. Achenese seafood curry's are around Rp 30.000. A big BBQ-ed fish dinner is around 50.000 - 60.000 Rp. Spaghetti 25 to 30.000 Rp, and once a week Barracuda Restaurant has Pizza Night with for example mozzarella Margarita pizza, prawn pizza or other flavours priced Rp 40.000.


In the dive shop you can refill your 1 1/2 l drinking water bottles for Rp 3.000. Less money, less plastic!


Cans of Bintang beers are available in our diveshop and can be brought to the restaurants on the beach; prices currently Rp 30.000 per can. Sometimes we also have some stock of spirits like gin, rum, vodka, whisky and bottles of red and white wine. 

In Aceh alcohol is not sold over the counter in the minimarkets and shops. You can bring yourself from a tax-free shop for example, with Customs allowing to bring 1 liter of alcohol per person when entering Indonesia, also at Banda Aceh airport.



-----Original Message-----
From: Natalia Pinesti []
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Subject: Reservation - 15 to 17 Mei 2015

Dear lumba2 resort,

Saya mau melakukan reservasi untuk 2 kamar pada tanggal 15 mei 2015 sd 17 mei 2015 (2 mlm)

Berikut detail contact saya:

Natalia Pinesti

No hp 08129920741



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The Prewed Photo Part II

Hulaaa, jangan bosen2 yaa liat kenarsisan kita, xixixixi.
Dan maafkan kami, baru sempat upload foto2 ini, ya biasa laah kita, pasangan termalas sedunia..
Sampe foto prewed, liputan wedding jg blm, hahahaha...
Okey, here's the Prewed Photo Part II.
Location: still on Gedung Arsip Nasional.
Enjoy it!

02 Juli 2010 - Siraman & Dodol Dawet

Okaay, kita lanjut ke ritual selanjutnya yaa, setelah pengajian dan pemasangan blaketepe, ritual selanjutnya adalah Siraman dan Dodol Dawet. Let's review it ^^


Naah karena acara pengajian yang ngaret ituuu, kita dah ketar ketir dunk untuk urusan pengantaran air siram k pihak CPP (Dewo), bayangin ajaa dari kemayoran ke Cirendeu klo ga macet aja bisa sampe 45 menit lamanya, dan ini dah menggunakan tol, bayangin klo di tambah macet, bisa2 2 jam.

Dan ternyata sodara-sodaraaa...hal ini bener2 terjadi, tepat setelah pengajian selesai, jam 3an, rombongan pengantar air berangkat, delalaah pas di tol menuju ke Cirendeu, hujan deras pun turun...

Trs denger cerita dari para rombongan ini, klo kondisi di jalan tol bener2 macet total, berhenti dan ga jalan sama sekali...Huaaaa dah panik MODE ON dunk, padahal estimasi kita 45 menit- 1jam sampe. padahal acara siraman di rmh gw dah mau mulai, tadinya kita mau barengin siramannya (katanya bagusnya siy gitu, tapi ga mesti).

Tapi menurut perias pengantin gw yang sekaligus menjadi dukun siraman di kala itu :D, katanya gpp klo pihak Calon Pengantin Wanita menggelar acara siraman duluan.

So, akhirnya jam 3an, setelah rombongan pengantar air pergi, gw pun keluar dari kamar pengantin dengan lengkap berjubah pengantin, sudah di make up dan di sanggul.

Awalnya gw bingung aja, kenapa dah di sanggul skrg, toh nanti mau basah2an. Tapi ternyata menurut perias gw, katanya lebih mudah di sanggul, supaya lebih rapi dan nantinya gampang di sanggul ulang utk ritual selanjutnya (Dodol dawet dan Tumpeng robyong), jadi ya sudah gw nurut aja.

Persiapan Make Up sebelum siraman

Persiapan menjelang Siraman

Keluar dari kamar, gw pun langsung di tuntun dan diarahkan sama perias gw untuk matur (terimakasih) dan sungkeman sama mama papa, lalu duduk dan membaca semacam ucapan terimakasih sama mama dan papa atas semua jerih payahnya selama ini, udah membesarkan gw dari kecil hingga besar. Disini sediiih dan terharuu bangeeet, karena sebentar lg gw akan melangkah ke kehidupan baru, dan orang tua harus merelakan anaknya untuk melangkah ke jenjang pernikahan. Gw membaca teks itu sambil nangis terharu biru dan terisak2, mama papa jg sama, apalagi di tambah lantunan lagu jawa yang mendayu2 dari Pak Toto, MC adat yang mengiringi ritual siraman di saat itu, huaaa tambah deh sedihnyaa.

Setelah selesai sungkeman dan matur tadi, akhirnya gw diantar sama mama papa k tempat siraman. Oya, me likey so much lho sama tempat siramannya, coba tengok di bawah ini. So full of flowerrr...

Gubuk Siraman

Setelah sampai di tempat siraman, mama dan papa bersiap untuk menyiramkan gw. Oya untuk ritual siraman ini, dibutuhkan sekitar 9 orang, jadi 2 orang itu orang tua sendiri, dan 7 orang lainnya, saudara-saudara yang sudah pernah menikahkan dan harus perempuan, karena yang disiramkan adalah perempuan juga, nah klo di tempat dewo kebalikannya, 7 orang yang dibutuhkan selain orang tua, harus laki-laki, tapi juga harus yang sudah pernah menikahkan.

Oya ternyata di balik angka ganjil dan jumlah 9 orang itu ada makna terkandung di dalamnya lho. Jumlah sembilan tersebut menurut budaya Keraton Surakarta untuk mengenang keluhuran Wali Sanga, yang bermakna manunggalnya Jawa dengan Islam. Selain itu angka sembilan juga bermakna ’babahan hawa sanga’ yang harus dikendalikan.

Saat disiramkan orang tua

Saat disiramkan bude-bude

Setelah disiramkan, lalu rambut gw pun di potong sedikit (cuma ujungnya aja siy) untuk di tanam di tanah, klo yang ini gw agak lupa maknanya untuk apa :D. Terus setelah rambut dipotong, gw disiram dengan air kendi dan disuruh menjalani ritual wudhu seperti sebelum salat. Dan lalu setelah kelar wudhu, lalu kendi di pecahkan. Lalu setelah itu, gw di gendong sama papa untuk di bawa k ruang rias (kamar pengantin) untuk di dandani kembali.

Ritual potong rambut dan gendongan

Sambil menunggu gw di make up dan berganti kebaya, mama dan papa jualan melanjutkan ritual lainnya, yaitu jualan dawet (dodol dawet). Dengan menggunakan uang kreweng (dari tanah liat), ibu-ibu harus rela mengantri untuk mendapatkan dodol dawet, konon katanya siy biar anaknya cepat menikah juga :D

Dibawah ini makna dari jualan dodol dawet:
Jual Dawet diambil makna dari cendol yang berbentuk bundar merupakan lambang kebulatan kehendak orang tua untuk menjodohkan anak. Bagi orang yang akan membeli dawet tersebut harus membayar dengan ’kreweng’ (pecahan genting) bukan dengan uang. Hal itu menunjukkan bahwa kehidupan manusia berasal dari bumi.

Yang melayani pembeli adalh ibu sedangkan yang menerima pembayaran adalah bapak. Hal ini mengajarkan kepada anak mereka yang akan menikah tentang bagaimana mencari nafkah sebagai suami istri, harus saling membantu.

Here's a pic ketika mama dan papa beralih profesi jadi penjual Dawet :D

That's all about siraman dan dodol dawet, review selanjutnya "Tumpeng Robyong & Malam Midodareni"
Stay tunee :)

02 Juli 2010 - Pengajian, Pemasangan Blaketepe, Siraman

Maafkeun kami, saking keenakan jalanin kehidupan married, jadi lupa kasih review nikahan kita dan persiapan2 serta detik2 menjelang pernikahan :D

Okaay, lets start from ritual before married...

Tanggal 02 Juli 2010, hari jumat siang dimulailah ritual menjelang nikah, mi and Dewo sama2 mengadakan acara ini di rumah masing-masing, except the Midodareni Nite ya.

Pas midodareni nite, Dewo dan Keluarga besarnya datang berkunjung k rmh gw dengan membawa semua seserahan. Tapi gw dan Dewo ga boleh ketemu :(, hiks...sedih deeh, padahal kita sempet BBM-an dan telp segala, tapi rasanya aneh banget ga ketemu, padahal Dewo lagi di rmh, dan gw nya di umpetin di kamar pengantin. :D

Okay, let's review one by one....


Pengajian ini seharusnya mulai tepat setelah salat jumat kelar. But you know laah, namanya juga orang indo, telat kayanya dah makanan sehari2, weww...padahal kita dah sounding ke ibu2 pengajian dari jauh2 hari klo acaranya di mulai persis jam 1 siang, ga jauh dari kelarnya salat jumat.

Ternyata eh ternyataa...acaranya ngaret boo, dan ibu2 pengajian baru datang tepat jam 2an, which is ngaret sejam :(

Padahal jam 2an itu kita dah mesti kelar pengajian, supaya air siraman yang udah didoakan bisa langsung diantar ke calon mempelai pria, k rmh dewo di Bali View, Cirendeu, karena acara siraman Dewo diadakan disana.

Acara pengajian, alhamdulillah berjalan lancaar, ibu2 pengajian yang dtg rame banget, too bad gw ga bisa ikutin sampe akhir pengajian, karena gw dah disuruh standby utk di make up dan di pasangin kaen dodotan plus jubah melati. Dan sayangnya lagi, photographer ga sempet ambil foto di awal2 pengajian, huaa sedih deeh, tapi ya sudah lah, yang penting acara tetap berjalan lancar walaupun ngaret sejam.

Oya, ini beberapa foto pengajian yang sempat diambil photographer tapi belum sempat di edit, masih lama bgt hasil editan photographernya nih :(, baru jadi sekitar bulan September awal.

Khusyuknya suasana pengajian

Bersama ibu2 pengajian

Prosesi pengantaran air ke CPP

Pemasangan Blaketepe dan Tuwuhan

Ritual ini adalah ritual yang dilakukan sebelum siraman dan biasanya dilakukan setelah pengajian dan pengantaran air ke keluarga CPP. Pelakonnya adalah mama papa dari mempelai wanita. Anyway, yang mau tau makna dari upacara pemasangan blaketepe bisa di tengok di bawah ini.

Makna Upacara Pasang Blaketepe dan tuwuhan :
Merupakan tradisi membuat ’blaketepe’ atau anyaman daun kelapa untuk dijadikan atap atau peneduh resepsi manton. Tatacara ini mengambil ’wewarah’ atau ajaran Ki Ageng Tarub, salah satu leluhur raja-raja Mataram. Saat mempunyai hajat menikahkan anaknya Dewi Nawangsih dengan Raden Bondan Kejawan, Ki Ageng membuat peneduh dari anyaman daun kelapa. Hal itu dilakukan karena rumah Ki Ageng yang kecil tidak dapay memuat semua tamu, sehingga tamu yang diluar rumah diteduhi dengan payon daun kelapa itu.

Blaketepe dan Tuwuhan

Dengan diberi ’payon’ itu ruang yang dipergunakan untuk para tamu Agung menjadi luas dan menampung seluruh tamu. Kemudian payon dari daun kelapa itu disebut ’tarub’, berasal dari nama orang uang pertama membuatnya. Tatacara memasang tarub adalah bapak naik tangga sedangkan ibu memgangi tangga sambil membantu memberikan ’blaketepe’ (anyaman daun kepala). Tatacara ini menjadi perlambang gotong royong kedua orang tua yang menjadi pengayom keluarga.

Tuwuhan mengandung arti suatu harapan kepada anak uang dijodohkan dapat memperoleh keturunan, untuk melangsungkan sejarah keluarga .

Tuwuhan terdiri dari :

A. Pohon pisang raja yang buahnya sudah masak
Maksud dipilih pisang yang sudah masak adalah diharapkan pasangan yang akan menikah telah memiliki pemikiran dewasa atau telah masak. Sedangkan pisang raja mempunyai makna pengharapan agar pasangan yang akan dinikahkan kelak mempunyai kemakmuran, kemuliaan dan kehormatan seperti raja.

B. Tebu wulung
Tebu wulung berwarna merah tua sebagai gambaran tuk-ing memanis atau sumber rasa manis. Hal ini melambangkan kehidupan yang serba enak. Sedangkan makna wulung bagi orang Jawa berarti sepuh atau tua. Setelah memasuki jenjang perkawinan, diharapkan kedua mempelai mempunyai jiwa sepuh yang selalu beryindak dengan ’kewicaksanaan’ atau kebijakan
C. Cengkir Gadhing
Merupakan simbol dari kandungan tempat jabang bayi atau lambang keturunan

D. Daun randu dan pari sewuli
Randu melambangkan sandang, sedangkan pari melambangkan pangan. Sehingga hal itu bermakna agar kedua mempelai selalu tercukupi sandang dan pangannya.
E. Godhong apa-apa (bermacam-macam dedaunan)
Seperti daun beringin yang melambangkan pengayoman, rumput alang-alang dengan harapan terbebas dari segala halangan.

Acara pemasangan beleketepe di kala itu juga berjalan dengan lancar, semua terpasang rapi pada tempatnya tanpa kekurangan satu apapun. Anyway, here's some pic pada saat pemasangan blaketepe dan tuwuhan.

Pemasangan Blaketepe

Pemasangan Tuwuhan

Review selanjutnya "Siraman, Dodol Dawet, Tumpeng Robyong dan Midodareni" akan gw bahas secara terpisah, just wait yaww ;)

Our Prewed Photo ^^

Presenting our prewed photo..

Picture taken by FISH PHOTO
Location: Gedung Arsip Nasional

** Just Married **


We finally get MARRIED....

We are so HAPPY....

Ternyata gini tooh rasanya married, semuanya campur aduk, dari mulai deg2an, excited, senaaang, semua jadi satuuu....

Anyhoo, this picture taken after the party...Review dan liputan honeymoonnya menyusul yaa...Akhir2 ini kita lagi sibuk niy, biasaa pengantin baruu, sibuknya di ranjang, wakakakkaka

With Love..
- Mrs and Mr.Dewa-

Stress to the Max T__T

Huhuhuhu...akhirnya gw mengalami jg yang namanya stress to the max sampe sakit segala karena ngurus wedding.

Dan musibah datang beruntun, dari mulai eyang mpu meninggal, dan eyang meninggal disaat Rapat Panitia pertama di gelar di rmh, akhirnya gw dan Dewo ga bisa ikut rapat, tapi rapat tetap jalan, sementara ini rapat untuk keluarga gw dulu, baru rapat selanjutnya di tempat Dewo dan mengundang semua keluarga Dewo yang terlibat di kepanitiaan.

Tadi nya pengennya di rapat pertama ini dah undangan keluarga Dewo jg, tapi karena eyang mpu meninggal, jadi sementara di jalanin dulu, toh nanti ada rapat kedua dan ketiga (technical meeting di Gedung Arsip).

Dan satu lagi, skrg gw di assign untuk kerjain lebih dari dua bank, alias 3 bank sajah sodara2, dan ini jadi menguras tenaga gw, dan menambah stress ajaa, huhuhuhu...1 Bank aja keteteran, gmn 3 bank cobaa, huhuhu...Yak beginilah nasib kerja di vendor IT yang bergerak di bidang IT Banking Consultant...fiyuuh...

Dan alhasil skrg gw jatuh sakit, bukan sakit yg gmn2 sih, tapi sakit mata, huaaa.....
Bener2 deh ga enak bangeet, sakitnya bukan cuma sebentar, dah dari Kamis minggu lalu gw rasain begini, hari sabtu dah mendingan, eh hari Minggu malah kambuh lagi dan makin parah, bengkak dan merah. Sakit mata ini jg dpatnya bukan dari mana2, tapi dari keluarganya Dewo pas kmrn hadirin pemakaman eyang mpu, waduuh alhasil keluarganya Dewo dari mulai Mamie, Mas Gery dan Dewo jg ikutan kena, eh skrg nular ke gw, bagoesss bgt deh :(

Jadinya sejak dari Senin sampe skrg, gw ngendon di rmh, daripada nanti nularin satu kantor dan dihujat mass
a gara2 penyakit gw inih..

Jadi ya sudah cuti sakit selama 3 hari, supaya bener2 pulih jg, jadi Kamis dah mulai masuk lagi deh, duuh padahal Jumat nya libur, tanggung bgt yah tinggal sehari doank, apa bolos aja ya sekalian fufufufu...

Gara2 sakit, jadi ga bisa kerjain mcm2 deh, tadinya mau urus prewed, mampir ke gedung arsip buat finalize soal AC dan perlengkapan lainnya, pengen ke vendor Dekorasi, vendor Catering, pengen treatment, jadi ga bisa deeh, huks2...Ayoo matakuu, kamu cepat sembuh doonk, biar semua wedding thingy terselesaikan dengan baik.. *mari berdoa*
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